Spread the narrative (why) and communicate effectively business priorities (what)

Poslechnout si nahrávku


Just as birds migrate to specific destinations for a specific purpose, businesses must also have a clear direction and purpose. This starts with defining the “why” behind their priorities and communicating it clearly to all stakeholders – internally and externally. Leaders define and communicate the purpose of the company in a clear and compelling way. They articulate why the company exists, what it stands for, and what impact it has on the world.

Birds migrate to places where they can find food, warmth, and safety. Similarly, business priorities should be aligned with the company’s purpose shaping the core values and long-term goals. Leaders use stories to communicate the purpose and priorities of the company. They highlight examples of how the company is making a positive impact on customers and the world, and how its priorities are helping to drive growth and innovation. This helps to ensure that employees understand why certain priorities are important and are motivated to work towards them.

Birds often fly in flocks and use a variety of signs, including the position of the sun and stars, to navigate during migration. In the same way, leaders must use effective communication strategies (such as regular updates, newsletters, meetings, etc.) to ensure that employees understand what the priorities derived from the purpose are. Leaders repeat key messages, speak from the heart and use every opportunity to engage with team members to build alignment around the company’s purpose and priorities.

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