Display can-do attitude over silos (how) and connect the dots for E2E outlook

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Imagine the joy of a conductor when everything works harmonically together and the orchestra reaches synchronicity. Each contribution matters, but the entire orchestra shares the end-result. The mastery comes from mutual understanding, cooperation and of course lot of work (many rehearsals).

Same as conductors, business leaders have a collaborative mindset and recognize that silos hinder progress and limit creativity. They actively seek out opportunities for cross-functional collaboration and encourage others to do the same. Leaders make sure that team members across different functions and departments are on the same page, and that there is a shared understanding of the goals and contribution in a way that benefits the entire organization. Leaders are celebrating successes and milestones with the teams. They recognize the contributions of individuals from different functions and departments and highlight the importance of collaboration in achieving the company’s goals. In the same way they deal with gaps to target in a transparent way and make the solution of them part of the working DNA.

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