Develop people by recognizing talent and prepare them to reach full potential

Poslechnout si nahrávku

Just as plants need care, nurturing, and the right environment to grow and reach their full potential, developing people also requires similar leadership behaviors.

Plants need the right soil, sunlight, and water to grow; in the same way people need a supportive and empowering environment to develop their skills and talents. Leaders should create an environment where team members feel safe, respected, and valued and where talent programs are accessible.

Plants need pruning, watering, and fertilizing to grow strong and healthy, people need guidance and support to develop their skills and talents. Leaders should provide regular feedback, coaching, and mentorship to help their team members grow and improve. Leaders should work with their team members to create development plans, identifying areas for growth and providing opportunities for learning and skill-building. (Internal assignments, cross-functional projects, etc.)

Just as plants bloom and bear fruit, people also need recognition for their achievements. Leaders should acknowledge recognition for a job well done and celebrate the accomplishments of their team members, creating a culture of appreciation, celebration and continuous improvement.

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